Get that job in 4 hours

Everything you need to know to get a job in 4 hours study

Already 386 students have taken this course over the last 3 months when it was first launched..

This course is designed to get you back into work by giving you a life-style plan and laying out the path to being offered a job. The course is also a must have if you are looking for promotion or another job to better yourself. Written in everyday language and easy to follow we have included self assessment questionnaires, motivational cards to print off and handy prompt sheets.

The course will take about 4 hours to complete if you go straight through but it is much better to take your time and then you will absorb everything, gain confident, self-esteem and success. It's recommended that you watch each lecture and carry out the suggestions and instructions.

The course is divided into two parts. The first is all about getting your life sorted so you are working 100% towards getting that job. Getting a new daily routine in place and following it will help you focus on getting a job. Part Two is the process of getting that job. This is broken down into three main sections: seeking vacancies, applying and getting the interview: and finally the interview itself.

Every journey starts with a single step. Take that first step by buying this course right now. And if you work hard and take enthusiastic action you will have a job within 42 days or certainly be on the right track.

Welcome to the Course
Your Two New Jobs
Producing a CV using Canva
Where you are Now
The Lifestyle to Success
Unearthing your Hidden Skills and Job Opportunities
The 3 Essential Interconnected Interview Skills
Some Ideas You should do Right Now to gain Confidence
2 Minute Instant Confidence Booster
Write a practical CV
Creating a Stunning CV in as little as n hour
Dress to Kill
The Job & Its Description
What the Best Employers are really looking for
Questions About You
Questions about your skills
Questions about the Company & Job
Questions About your experience, job history and motivation
The Things we dont talk about - Body Language
The Secrets to a Successful Interview
Asking for the Job
THe Follow up
The E-Book for you to Download
Types of Interviews and top Tips

What's included

  • 21 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mike Leahy